Enter Victoria's boudoir and you'll leave with a gift to cherish forever. A series of exquisite pictures, of glamour personified, truly beautiful images – all of you. Who you share them with, well's that up to you...

I started 'Victoria's Boudoir' after photographing a friend. She wanted to thank her generous man for treating her to some fine lingerie. So I took some shots of her in her underwear and the pictures were amazing, beautiful. My friend wasn't just left with an album of sexy images and a very happy man; she’d received the gift of self confidence and what's more sexy that that?

And I'd found my niche: taking pictures that make every woman look and feel amazing. Celebrating how sexy and beautiful you look right now, that's something every woman deserves. And it won't just be you who enjoys this; sharing this gift, is where the fun really starts...husbands...partners...lovers.

I'll take care of everything; the photos, the shoot, the album, the sharing part I'll leave to you..

Victoria Vincent


They are amazing!!! I'm really happy with them. You make me look fabulous!! Again, thanks for everything, the session, the actual photos and the presentation were all amazing and well worth the money. MW just loves it - I don't know how I will top it next year!
- A.S

He absolutely LOVED it! He opened the box and was all confused about what the album was (I LOVED the suspense!) and then when he opened the book he actually did this sort of excited little dance and gave a little squeal. HILARIOUS! He said it was one of the best presents he'd ever got (up there with a bike when he was 9!).
- GC.

My man is still loving the pictures - one of the little ones you printed will be forever in his wallet
and he loves that a sexy me lives in a secret place inside it. The book is still very much enjoyed too.

- C.T