Enter Victoria's boudoir and you'll leave with a gift to cherish forever. A series of exquisite pictures, of glamour personified, truly beautiful images - all of you. Book a boudoir shoot now!

Victoria Vincent

Vcitoria Vincent

Victoria has been telling stories with images since she was in high school, and it's something she's passionate about, especially tales of love and romance. Not surprisingly then she's a sought after wedding photographer, some of her recent work has won a bronze award at the NZIPP print judging in 2009.

Victoria has an innate ability to take beautiful pictures. A talent that's been honed over the 15 years she been taking photographs. Over that time she's covered a huge variety of subjects, be it documentaries, portraits or weddings.

Having worked as a camera woman in NZ for TVNZ and in the UK for the BBC, Victoria undoubtedly has strong story telling skills.

This unique mixture of skills means that Victoria has the ability to capture the real essence of the person or occasion she is photographing and to do so beautifully.

With Victoria's boudoir she's found a niche she truly enjoys. One of the things she loves most is making people look and feel amazing and Victoria’s boudoir does just that.

For Victoria photography is about cherishing and loving who we are now and showing it off, regardless of dress size or time of life. Despite everyone claiming to be nervous, as it's undoubtedly a very intimate process, for every woman she photographs their confidence soars. For Victoria that's a real buzz, and a big part of why she so enjoys taking these pictures. In her eyes, a day spent showing a woman how beautiful she already is, has to be better than a life time of gym memberships and diet tips.